Dear Future Employee of Stellate,

We are so glad that you're taking time from your busy day to consider working with us. I know we don't really know each other well, so I'm going to take a moment to share with you little bit about us.

We believe that the most important thing for us to focus on as an early stage startup is creating a product you can believe in and a place where you can belong. Building a product that you're excited to participate in building and ushering into this world is core to the success of our business. We also know that awesome products are made by awesome people who thrive and do their best work in environments where they feel they are safe and valued. So we are working hard on creating just that.

We're building a product worthy of your day-to-day commitment to us. We are working on solving really hard and cutting edge problems. The journey from conception => building => going live with real customers is likely going to be a roller coaster, fraught with extreme highs and some low lows. But we're going to be on the roller coaster together, always learning and iterating as quickly as we can. As long as we stick to our values and show up for each other with curiosity, compassion, and collaboration, we can likely overcome just about anything together.

We're creating something that has never existed before and that requires some level of gravitas. We're going to be bold in our steps and takes big chances. Not every one of them will pan out and but some will. No matter the outcome of each chance we take, we'll work on taking these bold steps with humility.

We're not always going to get things right, but we'll always work on doing the right thing, especially by our people. That starts with building a company where our people have a deep sense of belonging. We want to build a company where each and every employee makes the daily choice to work with us and where that choice is made with surety and delight. We know that executing this desire is a complex web of initiatives and organizational mindfulness. It's a balancing act to show you that we care, that you matter, and support you in executing against business goals with speed and excellence. This is no easy feat. But we're up for the challenge.

We have a commitment to growing intentionally and thoughtfully. Culture scales in micro-situations. It's defined by how we show up for each other, our customers, our community, and for our work. So, we will be focusing on the big initiatives (which are important), all the while heavily investing in the micro initiatives - the atomic units of culture. One of the most important atomic units to culture is feedback. Feedback is how we do product research, how we work in a team, how we do performance reviews, how we collaborate with our customer, and on and on. So by dissecting our culture to its micro-units, like feedback, and then aligning and training everyone, we have a greater assurance that our culture will scale.

You'll be empowered to make decisions. Information is power and we have an intentional culture of distributing information, and therefore power, to the edges of the organization. By providing access to context (which is living our "default to open" company value), we equip everyone, who needs to make the decision, with the power to make decisions.

Given how awesome you are, you are likely to have many options on where you will work. So I'm so grateful that you stopped by to find out more about us.